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Airtec BS-825-EL Planetary Floor Grinder


  • Motor: 20hp
  • Voltage: 230 x 3ph – 50 amps
  • Rotation Speed: 840 RPM
  • Rotation Regulation: 120-840 RPM
  • Working Width: 32 in. (825 mm)

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Airtec BS-825-EL Planetary Floor Grinder

Engineered and used for resurfacing asphalt surfaces, concrete surfaces, removing adhesive residues, grinding of Anhydrite, removal of certain types of coatings, and removing and grinding down milling tracks and grooves, the Airtec BS-825-EL electric planetary floor grinder is a top-notch floor grinder that can do it all when it comes to your small, medium, or large-sized surface preparation projects.

Designed and made with durable and tough steel design, this floor grinder comes with three tool plates and nine segments. Particularly known for being exceptionally safe and easy to operate and for having an extremely low noise output, the Airtec BS-825-EL can be operated during both day or nighttime hours. This is a significant feature for those who work on traveling construction crews, those who regularly work in tight housing complexes with little to no privacy, and those who receive specific requests to operate below a well-defined noise level. Along with that, be sure to utilize the easy-to-use quick tool changing system!

Airtec BS-825-EL Planetary Floor Grinder Features and Specifications

  • A reliable motor rated at 20 hp
  • Voltage: 230 x 3ph – 50 amps
  • A rotation speed of 840 RPM
  • Rotation Regulation: 120-840 RPM
  • A working Width: 32 in. (825 mm)
  • Number of Segments: 9
  • Drive: Manual
  • Suction Pipe Ø: 70 mm
  • Water Tank: 9 gal. (34 liters)
  • Weight: 1,184 (537 kg)
  • Dimensions: 34 x 54 x 48 in. (88 x 138 x 121 cm)

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Additional information

Weight 1184 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 54 × 48 in


Airtec BS-825-EL Owners Manual


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