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Flooring Saws for Sale

When you are replacing wood flooring, especially parquet floors, the traditional method of using a hammer and pry bar can take you and your team hours of back-breaking work. Due to how the small pieces of hardwood flooring are fitted together and then glued down to the substrate, the task can even take days of work with a floor scraper alone. Plus, you run the risk of the “fingers” in each square of wood popping up or splintering, causing a risk for injury. Fortunately, when you buy a specialty flooring saw, you can save hours or days of labor related to removing parquet.

How Do Parquet Saws Work?

We sell ROLL Parquet Saws to easily and quickly dismantle parquet flooring. This convenient tool is fitted with a carbide saw blade that can easily be lowered to an adjustable depth so it can cut through parquet floor tiles in all types of hardwoods with ease without damaging the substrate or subflooring.  The result is a scored surface that is optimal for quick, safe removal, especially when followed with a floor scraper.

Benefits of Flooring Saws

While some people have used a traditional circular saw to make the cuts needed to more easily remove old parquet floors, this is difficult for a few reasons:

  • It’s physically uncomfortable to kneel or lean for long periods of time.
  • Getting the correct depth of cut can be difficult with a handheld or compact circular saw and can lead to damaging subflooring or substrate.
  • It creates a lot of dust and particles in the air, leading to an unhealthier working envrironment.

Using a specific flooring saw removes those difficulties because they offer the following features:

  • An upright position that allows the user to comfortably stand, rather than bending and kneeling;
  • An adjustable cutting depth allows for more precise scoring;
  • An integrated dust collection keeps the air quality safer.

Instead of a difficult, lengthy task, removing parquet flooring becomes a quick, simple project.

Contact Us to Learn About Parquet Saws

If you regularly remove parquet and glued down wood floors or have a large project planned, having a flooring saw in your equipment inventory can make the task quicker and safer. To learn more about our flooring saws, contact our team today at  (815)472-9744 or fill out a contact form.