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Surface Preparation Tooling Holders

If you have ever worked on a surface preparation project that requires several steps you know changing out tooling and pads is time consuming. Tasks that include grinding away scratches and uneven sections, smoothing out a rough profile, and finishing with a fine polish require three different changes, and that’s not including changing out edge plates.

To help you improve productivity and increase efficiency in your surface preparation tasks, we have a variety of tooling holders that cut down on time and improve the outcome of your work.

Tool Holders and Adapters for Sale

We have a variety of tooling holders and accessories available, including:

  • Adapter plates: These connect to tool plates and are designed with slots that allow tooling to slide in and out quickly for quick changes.
  • Velcro attachments: These attachments make it easy to connect a resin insert between the metal tool holder and the grinding or polishing pad.
  • Resin inserts: The resin insert keeps the metal tool holder from damaging the floor in the event the grinding or polishing pad wears down or disconnects.
  • Edge plates: These tool plates allow the floor grinder to get close to walls and corners and provide improved coverage to save you time.
  • Foam inserts: To cushion rigid pads and raise diamond pads above cup holders, these velcro “risers” provide an improved finish when grinding.

At BMD, we only work with brands we know and trust. Our tool holders and accessories come from Inland Diamonds and Prep/Master by Substrate Technology, Inc.

Contact BMD for Surface Preparation Tooling Holders

If you need to save time and get a better finish on your floors, tooling holders can help you achieve those goals. To learn more, contact our team of product experts who will work with to help you find the right tooling and accessories for the job. Call us today  at (815)472-7944 or fill out our contact form to get started!