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Whether you’re laying a new concrete surface, such as a patio or warehouse floor, or you need to revitalize an existing surface, using the right concrete cleaning products is essential. By using a chemical cleaning agent specifically made for concrete, you can protect the surface and extend the life of your concrete.

Why Use Concrete Cleaning Products?

While concrete is a sturdy, durable surface that’s ideal for walkways, sidewalks, and commercial work areas, it does have flaws. In fact, one of the biggest drawbacks to using concrete is that it is highly porous. It’s porosity makes it vulnerable to staining, especially from oil-based compounds. Because it can absorb water, freezing and thawing can cause the surface to corrode and break down quickly, leading to cracks and crumbling sections. Regular detergents and cleaners may lead to further damage.

Fortunately, many concrete cleaning products go beyond cleaning and are able to protect, revitalize, and improve the appearance and performance of your concrete. We provide several options for cleaning, protecting, and sealing your concrete surfaces, including:

  • Biodegradable, organic concrete cleaning products that are safe for both interiors and exteriors, even pools and landscaping. These also leave a light texture on bare concrete, brick, and stone, making them safer even when they are wet.
  •  Concrete sealants that repel water, oil, and stains while also reducing the porosity of the concrete to prevent moisture, ice, and chemicals from breaking down and damaging the surface.
  • Heavy-duty detergent and concrete stain removers specifically designed to break down the heaviest build-up.

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