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Airtec Shave Master SM-320 Shaving Machine


  • Available in two motor powers: 15HP or 20HP
  • Working width: 12 in. (320 mm)
  • Self-propelled hydrostatic power
  • Forward and reverse drive
  • Option: Gas Motor Honda 20 PS

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The Airtec Shave Master SM-320 diamond drum concrete shaver is used for the renovation of industrial floors, coating removal, safety grooving, epoxy screed removal, curled joint repair, aggregate exposure, lippage removal, tolerance works, and elimination of trip hazards.

This scarifier shaving machine is a favorite amongst those in the surface preparation industry, as it’s been proven to operate reliably and efficiently while also remaining extremely user-friendly and versatile in several strenuous conditions.

The Airtec Shave Master SM-320 excels at the renovation of bridges and removing all trip hazards from pedestrian walkways. The scarifier’s compact drum outputs outstanding performance when it comes to precise concrete surface correction. With this machine, the surface preparation possibilities are absolutely endless.

Airtec Shave Master SM-320 Shaving Machine Features and Assets

  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Self-propelled hydrostatic power resulting in outstanding speed control,
  • Forward and reverse variable drive speed (0-4.5 m./minute)
  • Single lever drum-control resulting in quickly-engaging lifting of drum
  • Fully adjustable depth (Micro-depth) control up to approx. 12mm according to concrete hardness in one pass
  • Convenient and integral built-in dust control outlet, resulting in nearly dust-free operation
  • Available in reliable, powerful, and efficient 15HP or 20HP
  • Optional: Honda gas motor
  • Easy-to-use switch box paired to an On/Off button, as well as an emergency stop and control supply voltage button, resulting in optimized safety and user-friendliness
  • Unique and state-of-the-art differential wheel transmissions and drive enabling on-spot u-turns and efficient maneuverability
  • Fully-sealed hydrostatic drive unit

Airtec Shave Master SM-320 Shaving Machine Technical Data

  • Motor: 15HP (11kW) or 20HP (15 kW) / 400V / 50 Hz
  • Working width: 12.5 inches (320 mm)
  • Weight: 15HP motor – 728 lbs. (330 kg) or 20HP motor – 827 lbs. (375 kg)
  • Option: Gas Motor Honda 20 PS
  • Dimensions: 55 x 23 x 39 in. (1400 x 580 x 1000 mm)

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15HP (11kW), 20HP (15kW)




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