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Airtec Shave-Master SM-400 Shaving Machine


  • Motor: 25HP (18.5 kW) / 400V / 50 Hz
  • Working width: 16 in. (400 mm)
  • Self-propelled hydrostatic power
  • Forward and reverse drive
  • Option: Gas Motor Honda

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The Airtec Shave-Master SM-400 diamond drum concrete shaver is used for renovation of industrial floors, coating removal, safety grooving, epoxy screed removal, curled joint repair, aggregate exposure, lippage removal, tolerance works, and elimination of trip hazards. Proven to be dependable, efficient and money-saving, safe, and easy-to-use the Airtec Shave Master SM-400 Shaving Machine scarifier is a go-to for many professionals in the surface preparation industry. The possibilities with the Airtec Shave-Master SM-400 Shaving Machine are truly endless.

Airtec Shave-Master SM-400 Shaving Machine Features

  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction resulting in optimal durability
  • Easy-to-use self-propelled hydrostatic power forward and reverse drive
  • Fully adjustable depth control up to approx. 12mm according to concrete hardness in one pass
  • Integral dust control outlet resulting in minimal waste cleanup and increased efficiency
  • Optional: Honda gas motor

Airtec Shave-Master SM-400 Shaving Machine Technical Specifications

  • A powerful and reliable 25HP (18.5 kW) / 400V / 50 Hz motor
  • A working width: 16 in. (400 mm)
  • An extremely low weight of 1,521 lbs. (690 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 75 x 35 x 49 in. (190 x 90 x 125 cm)

Why do I need a scarifier shaving machine?

These surface preparation machines are used for numerous projects including but not limited to grinding down concrete surfaces, diamond shaving, planing off outdated asphalt, removing outdated paint from concrete or metal surfaces, and even grinding down hazards on sidewalks. Amongst surface preparation professionals, it is common to follow the incorrect stripe out of a lane on-site, resulting in a stripe removed by a drum-style scarifier incorrectly. While stripers generally own only one style of marking remover, the shaving machines remove the stripe marking by shaving a groove into a surface until the striped marketing is no longer visible.

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Weight 1521 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 35 × 49 in


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