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Fas-Trak Industries Performance Solutions

When you need an efficient, effective method to apply chemicals to a large area of flooring, Fas-Trak Industries makes the equipment you need. Known for their innovative cleaning and disinfecting tools including air purifiers, waste disposal products, and UV lamps, they also make equipment to reduce physical stress on your work crew. Their innovative designs and focus on efficiency and safety are why we’re proud to carry the Ultra-Trak Chemical Application System.

Fas-Trak Industries is dedicated to being a proactive, innovative manufacturer of equipment and tools used in maintenance, construction, and janitorial work to increase safety, minimize injury, and maximize efficiency. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fas-Trak products are at the forefront of the industry and are a leader in their market, which is why they’re used by the Mall of America, Abbott Labs, US Postal Services, and other organizations.

We Carry Fas-Trak Equipment for Sale

We understand our customers need innovative solutions to get work done quickly without sacrificing quality or putting your team at risk of injury. That’s why we strive to stock equipment designed to help you meed those goals and why we now carry the Ultra-Trak Chemical Application System.

With three widths available, this allows you to apply water-based or solvent-based concrete coatings quickly, at rates up to 20,000 square feet in an hour. Applying concrete densifiers, concrete sealers, and other materials can be completed even more quickly, at rates over 25,000 square feet in an hour. This method allows you to easily coat and cover concrete floors and still get fantastic, consistent results. Plus, the built-in charger keeps the machine going for up to seven hours!

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If you want to save time applying densifiers, concrete coatings and sealers, or even disinfectant to sealed or coated concrete, the Ultra-Trak Chemical Application System is an essential tool in your equipment inventory. We are proud to align ourselves with a Fas-Trak, a brand dedicated to manufacturing durable, efficient surface preparation equipment that allows our customers to get their projects done effectively, safely, and in less time! To receive your best price on any equipment listed here or learn more about them, reach out to our customer service team today at  (815) 278-1308