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When you work with concrete, knowing the hardness of the slab and density of the slab is key to getting the best result. A soft slab can be polished with the proper addition of densifiers and using hard bond tooling that will grind and polish without chipping the slab. At the same time a hard slab requires soft bond tooling so the diamonds will stay open and continue to cut into the concrete.

Thanks to the Mohs Hardness Test Kit from Mineralab, you can see exactly how hard or soft your concrete slab is so you can make informed decisions and strategically care for your concrete.

About Mineralab

Mineralab was originally founded in the 1960s after developing the original Deluxe Hardness Pick Set to test the hardness of minerals and the Mineral Hydrometer to test the gravity of a mineral. The company struggled over time, but it was re-established in 1995 by Tim and Jeannie Flanegin who restarted the production of the two original products as well as developed proprietary software for finding minerals and selling Gravity Kits, a Gemstone Computer, and the Gem-n-Eye Digital Refractometer.

As their niche business grew, they also began adding more products related to testing and identifying gems and minerals. Today, they are a Preferred Distributor for Hanneman Gemological Instruments, and we find their hardness pick set is the best on the market.

Understanding The Mohs Hardness Test Kit

The kit is made up of four, double-sided metal picks ranging from a 2 to a 9 in order to test the hardness of a mineral or industrial material. A 1 is talc, the softest mineral, while a 10 is a diamond, the hardest material. To determine how hard a concrete slab is, simply scratch the concrete with a certain pick. If it leaves a scratch, the concrete has a lower hardness value than the pick, but if it doesn’t leave a scratch, the concrete is harder than the pick. For example, if you use a number 6 pick that leaves a scratch, but a number 5 does not, the concrete’s hardness is a 5.5.

The compact kit is optimized to test concrete hardness and includes the four picks as well as a grinding stone to keep the points sharp.

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