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General Equipment Light Construction Products for Sale

For a wide variety of surface preparation accessories, including floor scraper blades, milling flails, and tile stripper carts to blowers and fans needed for ventilation and mounting kits, shop our massive selection of items from General Equipment Company. With one of the most innovative and expansive product lines in the surface preparation industry, you can find what you need to get your next project completed quickly, efficiently, and safely, while still delivering high-quality workmanship to your clients.

About General Equipment

General Equipment was founded in the 1930s by Raymond Von Ruden, who was seeking to minimize the time and work involved in cutting down trees, and he did this by using a farm tractor to power a standard logging saw. In short time, demand for this product grew significantly, leading to a Von Ruden to build a factory in Claremont, Minnesota.

The next several decades saw a rapid expansion in the products offered, primarily focusing on gear boxes, hydraulic pumps, and winches. This led to the creation of General Equipment with a highly diversified product line including gas-powered augers, portable ventilation blowers, and asphalt cutting attachments as well as large machinery, such as floor strippers and floor grinders. Today, they have a global reach and a reputation for designing and manufacturing long-lasting, highly durable equipment used in construction and other industries.

Our Selection of General Equipment Products for Sale

We have well over 100 different products made by General Equipment in our product line, specifically focusing on items used in surface preparation. This includes:

  • Floor Grinders ranging from smaller 1.5 HP, 1 phase motor-powered options ideal for smaller spaces and lighter tasks to high-performing, 11 HP Honda-powered options that are ideal for all your grinding and polishing needs. Plus, we carry a range of grinder accessories from General Equipment.
  • Floor Scrapers to take up mastic, carpet, linoleum and other floor coverings in addition to extra scraper blades and tile strippers for removing ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Mounting kits to attach electric breakers to a variety of floor strippers and other tools.
  • Air quality improvement including ventilation fans and air scrubbers to remove silica dust from the air.

Contact Us to Learn More About General Equipment

We are proud to carry a wide assortment of General Equipment products for sale and are dedicated to helping you find the right items for your business. To get a quote or learn what tools are right for your next project, reach out to us today  at  (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form to get started!