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Whether you’re using a floor grinder to smooth a concrete slab or a shot blaster to quickly remove ground in dirt and old paint, the task creates a massive amount of concrete dust. Not only is this thin, powdery dust invasive and difficult to clean, it’s also highly toxic as it contains large amounts of silica which, when breathed, can lead to lung damage and lung disease.

Having a powerful dust collector and vacuum system on site will not only save you hours of clean up, it’s also necessary to meet OSHA requirements and keeping your jobsite safe. In order to help you do this, we proudly carry dust collection equipment and accessories from Ruwac Industrial Vacuums.

About Ruwac Industrial Vacuums

Founded in 1984 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Ruwac quickly became a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuums and supplies, known for their innovative design. Additionally, they are the only North American partner of Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH of Germany.

So, why should you choose Ruwac Industrial Vacuums for your dust collection and clean up equipment?

  • Indestructible casing;
  • Top-quality components;
  • Performance guaranteed;
  • Low cost of ownership;

Our Selection of Ruwac Dust Collectors and Accessories

While Ruwac designs and manufacturers equipment for all types of industries, including grain storage and shipping, bakeries, machine work, and manufacturing, at Buy Manufacturers Direct, we carry equipment specifically optimal for concrete dust.

  • HEC-XLT 30Gallon Cart –  The High Efficiency Cyclone configuration will improve filtration, reduce clogging in the vacuum, and improve your vacuum’s collection capacity.
  • PB500 230/3/60 Microclean Direct Bagger – With a 99 percent efficiency, the PB500 is extremely powerful, durable, and effective as a dust collector for your surface preparation equipment.
  • Red Raider w/ Dust Extraction Arm – This machine can capture fine dust and debris in conjunction with other vacuum systems with a retractable reach and 350 degree swivel.
  • Ruwac Powerhouse 2720 Direct Bagging Unit – With a “bullet proof” composite modular housing, powerful 10 hp motor, and filter efficiency of 99.9 percent, this dust collector lives up to its Powerhouse name.

We also carry a variety of Ruwac vacuum and dust collector accessories, including hoses, connectors, and detailing equipment.

Contact Us for Dust Collectors and Vacuums from Ruwac

Keep your jobsite clean and safe with Ruwac Industrial Vacuums. To receive your best price on any equipment listed here or learn more about them, reach out to our customer service team today at (815) 278-1308.