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• TEFC Motor – 460/3/60, 500 CFM, 10 Hp and 94” H20
• Ruwac Exclusive Maxflo Multi-Stage Turbine
• Carbon Impregnated Fiberglass Housing
• External Filter Cleaning Mechanism – Dustless Cleaning of Filter
• 48 ft2 MicroClean Filter – 99% Efficient @ 0.5 Microns
• 2.75” Vacuum Inlet with Aluminum Cast Deflector
• Continuous Duty Operation
• Direct Bagging Collection for Dustless Emptying

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Concrete dust is almost impossible to clean up on a jobsite as the thin, powdery substance finds its way into every nook and crevice. It also can be thick in the air, making breathing dangerous due to the silica within the concrete. Silica dust, when breathed, can lead to severe lung problems and silicosis can even be fatal in the most severe cases. Having a powerful dust collector is crucial to keeping your jobsite clean, your workers safe, and remain in compliance with OSHA regulations. When you need a powerful, durable industrial vacuum, consider the PB500 460/3/60 48 sq. ft. MicroClean Direct Bagger by Ruwac.

An Industrial Vacuum Engineered for Concrete Grinding

The PB500 460/3/60 MicroClean Direct Bagger by Ruwac was specifically engineered for concrete grinding and offers the effectiveness and durability you rely on in your concrete dust collector.  Featuring the innovative and exclusive MaxFlow turbines, these increase power and improve durability to keep air flowing and dust from entering.

Features of the MicroClean Direct Bagger 460/3/60 include:

  •  A powerful, three-phase 10 hp TEFC Motor – 460/3/60, with 500 cubic feet per minute of airflow
  • Manual filter shaker system to clean the main filter without opening the vacuum;
  • Dustless direct bagging to make emptying the interior safe;
  • 48 square foot MicroClean Filter which is 99 percent efficient @ 0.5 Microns

The exterior of the vacuum is made from “bulletproof” fiberglass impregnated with carbon to ensure it will never rust or dent.

Learn More About the PB500 460/3/60 From Ruwac

Just like other Ruwac vacuums, this machine is built with indestructible components, guaranteed performance, and unmatched safety in mind. You can feel confident that the PB500 460/3/60 MicroClean Direct Bagger offers a low cost of ownership and long-lasting reliability, making it ideal for your surface preparation tasks. To learn more about this machine and any dust collector accessories you may need as well as get the lowest price, reach out to our team today at (815) 278-1308 or fill out our contact form!


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Dimensions 66.13 × 27 × 75.16 in