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IMPACTS DC4025 Dust Collector


  • Capacity: 52 gal. (200 liters)
  • Suitable for larger grinding machines or shot blasters
  • Collects fine toxic silica dust to protect operators
  • All-in-one “lifting lock” for the dust bin handling
  • Can be split into two units

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IMPACTS DC4025 Dust Collector – 52-gallon

The Dustcom 4025 is a sturdy, compact, and extremely powerful dust collector to be used together with medium-size to large surface preparation equipment such as shot blasters.  Cutting-edge details along with a compact and aesthetic design help this machine stand out amongst its competitors. The IMPACTS DC4025 dust collector is suitable for small to medium-sized surface preparation machines.

IMPACTS DC4025 Dust Collector Features and Technical Specifications

  • A collecting capacity of 52 gallons (200 liter)
  • A power supply of 480V/60Hz, 16A (400 V/50 Hz, 16A)
  • An airflow of 765 CFM (1300 m3/h)
  • Dimensions of (63 inches in length, 31 inches in width, and 55 inches in height (1620 x 795 x 1400 mm)
  • A state-of-the-art, all-in-one “lifting lock” resulting in optimal dustbin handling
  • A large, easily-to-use dustbin
  • A removable and interchangeable dust host connection resulting in optimal convenience
  • No edges and obstacles outside the frame
  • Optimal dimensions, high performance, and a low weight of 1,040 lbs. (460kg)
  • The ability to be split into two units for favorable customization
  • Lifting locks for easy transportation and handling
  • Electro-pneumatic compressor regulations
  • A vacuum hose connection of 6 inches (150mm)

Compatible Equipment for the IMPACTS DC4025

Dust collectors compliment shot blasters. They act as resources to ensure the shot blasters are functioning at optimal capacity. Along with removing excess process dust from the blast operation, they also act as recycling mechanisms to reclaim and reprocess the abrasive that was initially stripped.

Be sure to check out our dust collector and wet vac accessories including but not limited to replacement filters, dollys, vacuum hoses, HEPA-certified round filters, vacuum wands, HEPA cartridge filters, STI cord carts, dust collection bags and more, as they may be of help to you and your surface preparation team!

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Additional information

Weight 1265 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 31 × 55 in


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