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HEC-XLT  (Equalize, Lift, Tip)

• Ruwac’s most advanced HEC system
• 30 gallon drum
• 95% efficient pre-separation
• Easy mobility
• Lifting mechanism
• Tipping mechanism
• Equalizer for plastic bag insert
• Forklift Pockets
• Ergonomic dust disposal

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If you have a standard dust collector when you’re using a floor grinder or a shot blaster, you know how quickly the collection bin fills up and how quickly you have to change the filters. This takes up time and increases your maintenance and upkeep costs, but with the HEC-XLT 30 gallon pre-separator cart, you can increase both your filtration and collection capacity to get the most out of your equipment.

What Is the HEC-XLT?

The HEC-XLT is a dust separator that connects to your current dust collector and separates the ultra fine dust and particles out of the rest of the detritus so it won’t clog your filter and fill it as quickly. The HEC stands for High Efficiency Cyclone which is what is used inside the machine to whirl the dust around at remarkably high speeds. This separates it without the use of moving parts with a rate of separating 95 percent of ultra fine dust before it moves into the dust collector.

So, why XLT? this stands for Equalize, Lift, and Tip, meaning it’s designed with a lifting and tipping mechanism to minimize strain and make it easy to empty or change out the plastic bag inserts.

How Does the HEC-XLT Dust Separator Work?

The HEC-XLT connects to your dust collector, and because the HEC-XLT is lightweight, it’s easy to move them both in conjunction. As you grind or blast concrete, the dust is moved into the separator where cyclonic air will separate the ultra fine dust into a separate chamber while the larger particles and dirt will move to the dust collector. When you’re dealing with concrete dust, we know that much of what you pick up is ultra-fine dust, and having this equipment on hand saves you time and money by not having to empty the dust collector or change its filter.

Learn More About the HEC-XLT Dust Separator

If you want to get more work done in less time, but you don’t want to cut corners to do it, consider the HEC-XLT dust separator from Ruwac. Made for durability and power, this equipment has low cost of ownership and requires little to no maintenance. To learn more about this machine and any dust collector accessories you may need as well as get the lowest price, reach out to our team today at (815) 278-1308 or fill out our contact form!



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Weight 252 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 82 in