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Wagman Metal Products

Celebrating 60 years in business, Wagman Metal Products Inc. has, over the last half-century, become the leading manufacturer of power trowel replacement blades in the concrete industry. In 1963 they opened their first factory in Dallastown, PA and within just one year Wagman’s went from being one of many metal tool manufacturers to surpassing competitors with the construction of their signature power trowel replacement blades. 

Throughout the years, Wagman’s commitment to developing innovative concrete grinding and polishing tools has allowed them to introduce new products and design features to its trowels, float pans, and accessories. They remain among one of the most trusted trowel equipment brands in the United States thanks to their dedication to developing cutting-edge technology and designs for their grinding and polishing products

With a focus on ingenuity, reliability, and durability, Wagman Metal’s power trowels and float pans make honing, grinding, and polishing concrete structures easier and faster than ever. 

Benefits of Using Wagman Metal Products

Wagman metal continues to bring new ideas to the flatwork industry thanks to their continued approach to technological research and design. Their developments in metal products have eliminated the need for excessive labor and costs– their G3 Concrete Floor System completes jobs 80% faster than traditional concrete construction methods.  

When you shop with Wagman Metal you can expect: 

  • High-quality materials
  • Long-lasting durability 
  • Innovative designs
  • Quick and efficient tool usage
  • Safe equipment features 
  • Superior results
  • Affordability
  • Focus on environmentally friendly products
  • American-owned and American-made

Wagman Metal Product Types

With complete solutions from start to finish, Wagman’s metal products hone, grind, and polish concrete floors with ease and precision. Their revolutionary designs and unique product features make Wagman metal products of the top choice for professionals in the concrete construction industry.

Grinding and Polishing Tools

Wagman Metals offers the very best ride-on concrete grinding equipment on the market. Their propane-powered, wireless LP230 Machine with Wheel Kit is highly maneuverable, easy to transport, and compact, making it ideal for moving through doorways and around corners. 

Wagman’s Revolution GHP Diamond System allows contractors to grind, hone, and polish concrete faster than ever. Wagman’s patent-pending PRODIACC diamond pads work with their patented rotary system to provide the fastest, most efficient, perfectly detailed finish to the concrete. 

These high-quality diamond pads like the 14? 100 Grit G2 Diamond Black model are made for wet processing underneath a power trowel. Made as a result of the best diamond refinement technology, these diamond pads are easy to change, disposable, and affordable. 

Available in 7-inch, 11-inch, and 14-inch models, and ranging from 30-grit up to 4000-grit options, these diamond pads are made to fit Wagman’s hand grinders and rotors. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors like the 14” 1800 Grit G2 Diamond Blue, the perfect choice for a beautiful finish on large square footage concrete floors.  

Other Wagman Metal Products and Accessories

Wagman Metal has a large variety of tools and accessories available that are designed to fit with Wagman’s riding and hand trowels for the perfect finishing of any concrete construction job. From power trowel accessories like splash guards and brushes to eco-friendly finishing and polishing chemicals and cleaning accessories, Wagman has all you need when it comes to completing a concrete project from beginning to end. 

With the recent addition of G3 Chemicals that are organic and environmentally safe like G3 Light Cleaner 5 Gallon and the G3 Heavy Cleaner 5 Gallon, Wagman’s continues to offer industry-leading products with superior results. 

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