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BMD is proud to offer Clean Green from Bron Tapes

Bron Tapes

Bron Tapes are industry leaders in the production, conversion, and distribution of pressure-sensitive tapes and adhesives across North America. Boasting over 40 years of industry experience, Bron Tapes has multiple distribution centers spanning across the country. Alongside Bron Tapes, the Bron family of companies also spans the Bron Converting and Bron Aerotech Divisions.

What Products Do Bron Tapes Make?

Since 1977, Bron Tapes has been providing innovative solutions for North America. As a leading distributor, Bron Tapes offers a huge catalog of tapes suitable for surface preparation. From carton sealing tapes and masking tapes to foam tapes and protective film tapes, Bron Tapes has got it covered. We choose Bron Tapes because of their superior quality and customer support.

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we proudly supply the Clean Green® Roll products from Bron Tapes to help our customers execute high-quality surface preparation.

Application of Bron Tapes

Bron Tapes offers wide-ranging capabilities and applications across their range of innovative solutions. With their excellent reputation for high-quality, innovative products, Bron Tapes is renowned as a premier producer serving a vast range of industries. This includes agriculture and food, building and construction, electronics, transportation, and more.

Clean Green® Tapes by Bron Tapes

Clean Green® by Bron Tapes is a single-sided tape with a laminated polyethylene cloth and proprietary acrylic adhesive. Clean Green® offers a range of notable advantages due to its excellent qualities compared to ordinary tapes. This tape can be used on multiple surfaces including plastic, metals, painted surfaces, and ceramics without leaving a residue. This is due to its acrylic adhesive properties.

Clean Green® is one of Bron Tapes’ most versatile and easy-to-use products. Some of its applications include:

  • Surface Protection
  • Print Plate Mounting
  • Screen Print Masking
  • Windshield Taping
  • Outdoor Masking
  • Clean Removal Masking

Benefits of Using Clean Green® Tapes by Bron Tapes

Clean Green® offers superior physical properties when compared to conventional tapes. Additional qualities of using Clean Green® by Bron tapes include:

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Solvent-Resistant
  • Repositionable without Wrinkles
  • Waterproof
  • Clean Removal
  • Easy to Tear by Hand
  • 60 Days Outdoor and 6 Months Indoor

Due to these excellent qualities, Green Tapes have proved successful in a wide range of markets. These include construction, plastering, marble and granite, flooring, screen printing, and auto glass.

Clean Green® Tapes for Sale

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we proudly offer two premium quality Green Tapes. For those wanting a singular roll, a BT-4736 Roll is a perfect option as it is sold as a singular unit. This tape is 2 x 36 yards per roll. For those wanting large quantities of Bron Tapes Clean Green®, we advise you choose our option to purchase a case of Clean Green®. Each case contains 30 rolls and weighs 18 pounds per case.

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At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we offer full and comprehensive support for our customers throughout the entire purchasing process. All of the surface preparation equipment we sell is fully supported and endorsed by its vendor partners, meaning you have direct access to the company that manufactures the products you are buying.

To provide our customers with the highest quality products and address their unique needs, we only choose to sell products from leading manufacturers.

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