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Janser is a family-owned and operated business that employs a small team of professionals who manufacture large-scale commercial surface preparation equipment. In the early 1960s, Janser began as a professional flooring equipment distributor, but within the next few years would expand its business. In 1969, Janser would begin its journey to becoming one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of tools and machines in the professional flooring technology space. 

With a wide range of professional flooring products, Janser Flooring Technology is the solution to removing, installing, and protecting commercial flooring. Their over 4,000 surface preparation products are a testament to their values, as Janser’s business philosophy focuses on offering reliable, high-quality equipment and tools that use cutting-edge technology. 

The success of Janser’s products speaks for itself. Consumers and contractors attest to the reliability of Janser’s durable, long-lasting flooring equipment as well as the versatility offered by Janser’s technologically advanced solutions to floor removal and installation. Whether your commercial company is in need of floor stripping, grinding, cleaning equipment, or more, Janser offers a variety of tools, equipment, and products to get any surface preparation job done with precision and mastery. 

Benefits of Using Janser Professional Flooring Products 

The Janser professional flooring company cares about not only getting commercial flooring jobs done right on the first application but also puts a significant focus on the safety of the workers doing the job. Equipped with the latest technological solutions to strip, grind, prepare, cut, seam, weld, and polish a floor, the benefits of using Janser’s flooring products are vast. 

When you choose a Janser brand flooring machine or tool, you get the benefit of: 

  • A safety-first approach to design. 
  • Innovative technologies that make getting the job done fast and easy. 
  • Machines and equipment are designed with precision in mind for perfect levels, cuts, and polished finishes. 
  • A variety of applications to treat, remove, install, and finish floors– from handheld to riding devices, there’s no limit to the way floor technicians can work to get a job done. 
  • A comprehensive range of surface preparation products, from floor equipment and testing mechanisms to protective gear to keep workers safe. 
  • Exceptional customer support and guidance for the use of all products and equipment. 

Janser Flooring Products

Janser’s professional flooring products cover a variety of flooring needs, whether to remove or strip old flooring or to install and polish new flooring, Janser has all your commercial flooring needs covered with their selection of products. 

Floor Removal Equipment

Janser Professional Flooring offers a variety of ride-on and hand-held equipment to remove raised access floor systems. Designed for maximum performance and the strength to lift and remove tile, vinyl, laminate, and other flooring types, while keeping underneath floor panels intact, Janser’s flooring technology is unmatched in precision and professional surface preparation results. 

The Janser Power-Stripper with T-Handle and Chassis uses advanced power stripping technology designed for the heavy-use removal of flooring systems. Removing the top layer or layers of a flooring system is easier than ever before. 

With extreme attention to design detail and with the flooring technician in mind, the Janser power stripper with optional T-handle comes equipped with adjustable handgrips and padded cushion so that your commercial contractors can operate the machine with ease and comfort. With a long lifecycle, an Original Flex 2000-watt motor, and a completely enclosed blade system, Janser’s power stripper for floor removals is top-of-the-line in safety and strength. 

Floor Installation Tools

When it comes to floor installation and surface preparation tools and equipment, Janser offers products for grinding, polishing, seaming, grooving, edging, sanding, and more. One of their premier installation products is the Janser Stirring Station Clever II. The stirring station is an easy-to-use, convenient game-changer when it comes to installing professional flooring materials with ease and precision. 

The Clever II Stirring Station holds up to 4 pounds of the floor mixing compound, and its 1900-watt dual gear mixing technology with variable speed controls allows for fast, efficient, expert mixing of flooring solutions, along with ease of application. The stirring station includes a dust barrier attachment, that reduces dust and debris that is known to accumulate from other stirring stations. The result of Clever II’s solution stirring is a clump-free, dust-free, smooth-textured floor application that takes comfort, safety, speed, and precision to the forefront of floor installations.  

As flooring technicians know firsthand, there is nothing more frustrating than when a freshly laid floor is affected by shoe prints or other imprints made by on-site contractors. That’s why Janser has considered all aspects of flooring installation, including offering products that protect floors once they’ve been laid. 

Janser’s Shoe-In Pro Finish Spiked Shoes eliminate heel and tread patterns created on the job. The ¾-inch spikes eliminate slips, imprints, or other issues that are otherwise unavoidable by on-site contractors. Easy to wear and designed for comfort and safety, the pro finish spiked shoes by Janser are additionally effective in spreading concrete finishes, release powders and sealers on concrete floor installations. 

Protection and Safety Gear

Jansen is a flooring company that cares about the people who use their products, which is why in addition to their machines and tools for removing and installing flooring expertly, they offer additional gear for contractors to remain safe and comfortable on the job. 

Janser’s Fento 200 Knee Protectors are expertly developed and designed by medical professionals to protect the knees and backs of on-site floor installation professionals. The best-selling knee protective gear allows workers to move with ease as they kneel on hard surfaces with balanced pressure distribution. 

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