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U.S. Saws for Professional Concrete Preparation

U.S. Saws manufacturers and distributes specialty saws and tools used in multiple subsets of the construction industry, especially concrete repair and surface preparation. Known for their “dust free” concrete cutting and grinding tools, U.S. Saws is committed to providing a cleaner, safer jobsite through environmentally-friendly equipment.

U.S. Saws Grinders for Sale

U.S. Saws makes concrete grinders that are ideal for edging, hard to reach spaces, and small areas. Featuring the heavy-duty “fast change” diamonds and heavy-duty polishing pads, these grinders prove that equipment doesn’t need to be huge to get the job done right. Lightweight, easy to maintain and adapt, U.S. Saws grinders and stand-up edgers offer easy maneuverability, whether you’re grinding against a wall, turning corners, or getting into a tight fit. When used with the corresponding dust collectors , you’ll keep your jobsite clean and in accordance with OSHA silica dust standards.

U.S. Saws Accessories

When you need an easy to use, lightweight polymer pump that is easy for one person to control and operate, U.S. Saws has an ideal option for your next surface preparation project. With low tanks that make it easy to fill and a waste bucket holder that prevents drips, you can apply concrete joint fill quickly and easily!

Conversely, when you need to clean out your old joint fill, having a light, easy-to-use joint clean-out mill on hand is an absolute must. With this heavy-duty dust buggy, you can easily clean debris out of joints and remove joint filler to a depth of two inches while a connected vacuum port makes dust cleanup a snap. At only 50 pounds, the Dust Buggy is easy to move and lift.

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To learn more about U.S. Saws equipment and see if their grinders, edgers, and other tools are right for you, or to get the best price, reach out to our product experts today. Get started by calling us at (815) 472-9735 or by filling out our contact form.