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Slurry Solutions makes it possible to remove concrete slurry safely, quickly, and without harming the environment. Concrete slurry, the wastewater that comes from concrete grinding, polishing, and honing concrete surfaces is not only tedious to clean, it can be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous.

When concrete slurry splashes on walls or adheres to tools, for years, the only way to remove it was abrasive surface scrubbing and muriatic acid. Muriatic acid, or hydrochloric acid, was effective at removing dried slurry but it’s highly toxic and corrosive. The fumes can cause serious damage to nose, lung, and throat tissue, and if it touches the skin, it can cause chemical burns.

Slurry Solutions created a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that allows you to easily remove concrete slurry without harming yourself, your equipment, or the environment.

Slurry Solutions Concrete Slurry Remover

The scientists at Slurry Solutions developed SlurrySafe AR, a slurry remover and cleaner that instantly dissolves hardened concrete slurry from any surfaces, tools, sponges, and equipment. The Slurry Solutions concrete slurry remover chemically reacts only with the calcium in concrete and quickly breaks it down. This means it doesn’t harm skin, clothing, or the environment.

When the team developed Slurry Solutions cleaners, they created a substance that features:

  • “Triple Zero” hazardous material score
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Non-toxic, non-fuming, no VOC’s
  • Non-regulated by U.S. DOT
  • “Cleangredient” EPA-Approved
  • Safe on pumps, pipes, and most metals

While it’s meant to be used for concrete slurry, it has a variety of uses. It can be used as a descaler, rust remover, pH reducer, and can clean lime-based patching materials, thin-set, and brick mortar.

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To provide a safer working environment free of toxic fumes and corrosive substances, contact our product experts to learn more about Slurry Solutions. We’re proud to carry this innovative, eco-friendly product that also makes tedious, time-consuming chores quick and easy! Call us today at  (815)472-7944 or fill out our contact form to learn more!