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Contec Floor Mops and Cleaning Supplies

While much of surface preparation equipment focuses on the heavy duty machinery, like floor grinders and scarifiers, having tools and equipment that improve how we clean up dust, dirt, and debris is just as important. That’s why we rely on Contec to supply our customers with industrial, lightweight floor mops and microfiber mop pads.

Contec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning products, known across the globe for their extensive product lines used in cleanrooms, health care, and industrial environments. Because they are focused solely on creating innovative cleaning supplies and equipment, they are able to identify specific customer needs and create the products to meet those needs.

Benefits of Contec Floor Mops and Mop Pads

For the surface preparation, construction, and industrial industry, Contec, Inc. meets the need of effective, efficient cleaning.

The Contec floor mops offer the following qualities:

  • Extendable handles for comfortable use
  • Made of anodized aluminum to reduce weight without sacrificing durability
  • Can be used for dry dusting, wet mopping, or even distribution of a liquid across a surface
  • Offers a flexible, pivoting head to maneuver into hard to reach areas
  • Available in both 19-inch and 51-inch widths

Contec Microfiber mop pads are made specifically for their floor mops and provide the following benefits:

  • Microfiber traps dust and particles, making them ideal for gyms, studios, schools, and healthcare facilities
  • Non-scratch surface won’t damage floors
  • Pads are disposable to prevent spreading old dirt or causing cross-contamination
  • Can be used wet or dry

Contact Us for Contec Floor Mops

We stand by Contec cleaning products because we know they are dedicated to quality and durability at an affordable price. To learn more about these high-end, industrial supplies, or order the options that are best for you, call us today at 815-472-9711.