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Choosing the Eddy Multi-Purpose Floor Scraper

eddy multipurpose floor scraper

Whether you have a small or large area of carpeting, vinyl sheeting, or parquet floor to remove, you need an electric floor scraper that can make short work of a tedious, time-consuming project. The Eddy Multi-Purpose Floor Scraper is ideal for these projects, allowing you to get the professional results you need without exhausting your […]

Removing Floor Coverings with Roll GmbH Equipment

Removing floor coverings is an exhausting, time-consuming process and one of the most hated parts of any flooring project. Fortunately, with floor strippers from Roll GmbH, even the largest floor removal project can be completed quickly so you can complete your job on time and within budget. To highlight this equipment can help you, we’re […]

How to Operate a Ride-On Battery Powered Floor Scraper

Using a ride-on floor stripper can save you hours of labor, minimize operator fatigue, and get excellent results in just one pass through, letting you move on to the next step in your project quickly. To get the best results from your battery powered floor stripper, we’re sharing some tips on how to operate it […]

How to Operate a Power Floor Scraper

When you have to remove flooring in a smaller area, such as a small office or residential area, a walk-behind, power floor scraper can save time and get excellent results. To help you make your next floor removal process easy and efficient, we’re sharing how to operate a power floor scraper for best results. When […]

Know the Differences Between Walk-Behind Floor Scrapers

Just like how the differences in ride-on floor scrapers affect performance, the same goes for walk-behind floor scrapers. To help you choose the right scraper for your business, we’re breaking down the factors that affect performance and the pros and cons of each. Heavy Floor Scrapers Tackle Heavy Tasks While no walk-behind floor scraper is […]

Know the Differences Between Ride-On Floor Scrapers

Investing in a ride-on floor scraper allows you to save time on floor removal projects while still providing an excellent end result. Like any piece of surface preparation or construction equipment, not all scrapers are created equal. Weight, power sources, and other factors all affect performance, so to help you select the right ride-on floor […]