Power floor scrapers can save hours of back-breaking labor compared to a manual option and get just as good, if not better, results. Even a compact Bullystripper, weighing just over 30 pounds can clear several hundred square feet in just a few hours. So, how do these scrapers do it? We’re breaking down the mechanisms to give you more insight into your power floor stripper.

Floor Scraper Blade Mechanisms

Power floor scrapers, as opposed to manual options, rely on propane, battery, or an electrical connection to power an equipped motor. The motor is connected to the striking mechanism that holds the blade. When in operation, the motor powers the striking mechanism, causing it to rapidly vibrate in a front-to-back motion to continually scrape the flooring while the operator slowly moves forward. The motion is so fast, the scraper appears to seamlessly remove the covering.

Getting Optimal Results

While the motor does the majority of the work, it’s important you set yourself up for success by using the right floor scraper blade and positioning it correctly. Most scraper blades have a beveled edge on the front, so if you’re working on a floor with a concrete slab, you’ll want to make sure the bevel is facing up. This will allow the blade to catch the flooring without damaging the slab. On the other hand, you’ll want to turn the blade so the bevel is facing downward if you’re working on a wood subfloor as this will minimize damage to the material.

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