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How Much Should Resin Diamond Pads Cost?

When it comes to budgeting for surface preparation equipment, resin diamonds are one of the most important investments you can make. However, going by just the price of the pad is not 100 percent accurate to the actual cost, after all, an inexpensive pad isn’t that cheap if it only lasts half the time of […]

Should You Use Diamond Pads to Maintain Polished Concrete?

If you have a beautifully polished concrete surface, you want to keep that glossy, smooth sheen for as long as possible. In order to get that finish, diamond-impregnated or diamond-sprayed pads were originally used during the polishing process, so, in theory, diamond pads should be used to maintain polished concrete. Right? Yes, but not always. […]

Partnering with Inland Diamonds

Since 1976, Michigan-based manufacturing company Inland Diamonds has been producing diamond abrasive products used across multiple industries. We are proud to partner with Inland because we know they create and distribute high-quality, long lasting diamond abrasives used in surface preparation, but it goes beyond that. We sat down with Kevin Emery, Inland Divisional Vice President, […]

How to Fix Glazed Diamonds on a Concrete Grinder

Using diamonds on your concrete grinder adds the grit you need to remove thick coatings like mastic or epoxy, and create a rough profile. However, if you’re grinding dry on hard concrete, the diamonds can glaze over, dulling their rough abrasive ability, preventing you from getting the results you need, and leading to longer hours […]