Using a ride-on floor stripper can save you hours of labor, minimize operator fatigue, and get excellent results in just one pass through, letting you move on to the next step in your project quickly. To get the best results from your battery powered floor stripper, we’re sharing some tips on how to operate it to get the best performance.

Using a Battery Powered Floor Scraper

Battery-powered floor scrapers offer an energy-efficient method of flooring removal that offers lower operating costs because there’s no need to purchase a fuel source. Because there is no motor, there’s no loud noise, nor are their dangerous fumes, making a battery-powered scraper ideal for indoor use. However, the continuity of your work may be interrupted by having to charge a battery.

To get the best results, keep your battery charged until it’s time to turn it on, taking care to do the “pre-scraping” work first. This includes doing any daily maintenance, safety checks, and installing the floor scraper blade before unplugging it. Also, you’ll want to plan out your “route” to avoid having to go back over any places and look for anything that could cause you to get hung up, like rebar, expansion joints, or large cracks in the slab.

How to Operate Your Ride-On Floor Scraper

While every floor scraper has their own unique owners manual you can refer to for specifics, most battery-powered scrapers operate in a similar way.

  • Check if the power supply cable is unplugged and the cable is stored out of the way of the work area.
  • Check to ensure all safety functions are operating, no loose nuts or bolts, and the control levers are in a neutral position.
  • Sit in the operator’s seat and place feet in the designated footrests. Most scrapers have a kill switch of some type so if no one is in the seat, it won’t turn on.
  • Turn the key in the switch, and check the battery power.
  • To drive the machine, push both handles forward to go forward and begin scraping the floor covering. To go backwards, pull both handles backward. To turn left, push the right handle forward and to go right, push the left handle forward.
  • To correct direction while moving, simply reduce the pressure on one handle slightly.

If the scraper isn’t catching under the flooring and removing it, make sure the blade is in the correct position. For wooden subfloors, make sure the blade is up and at a low angle, and for concrete slabs, place the beveled edge upwards and make sure it’s at a higher angle. If this doesn’t help you may need a replacement floor scraper blade to get the best results.

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