Removing floor coverings is an exhausting, time-consuming process and one of the most hated parts of any flooring project. Fortunately, with floor strippers from Roll GmbH, even the largest floor removal project can be completed quickly so you can complete your job on time and within budget. To highlight this equipment can help you, we’re spotlighting a few of their bestselling tools as well as what sets them apart from the competition.

Check out the video below to see the ROLL Bullystripper in action!

Compact Floor Scraper for Every Project

If you’re relying on a manual floor scraper to remove linoleum, tile, vinyl plank, or carpet from small areas or to tackle small projects, it’s time to invest in the ROLL Bullystripper. This 8-inch floor scraper is a lightweight piece of equipment at just 32 pounds and offers versatility and convenience. When used with the T-bar handle, it’s ideal for stripping floor coverings but remove the T-bar and use it as a hand-held tool on stairs and other challenging spaces.

Just because it’s compact, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing performance. With a 3 HP motor, the rotating cutter pushes through the floor covering, doing all the work for you so you can complete even large projects quickly and easily.

Powerful Floor Strippers for Large Projects

For larger spaces and more challenging projects, the ROLL Stripper RO-3 12-inch floor scraper offers effortless operation, easy transport, and a powerful engine. ROLL designed this scraper with industrial motors to ensure optimal reliability and a blow count that moves at 2500 beats per minute. This allows it to tear through tough floor coverings rapidly without exhausting the operator. In fact, little to no vibration through the equipment allows for a more comfortable experience.

Why Choose ROLL Floor Scrapers

ROLL GmbH is Europe’s leading manufacturer of floor scrapers, floor saws, and accessories and has been providing innovative, perfomance-driven equipment for over 40 years. While they are recognized throughout Europe, we are proud to be the first distributor in the United States.

What separates ROLL from the competition? Unlike wheeled scrapers, ROLL scrapers use a tracked chassis, like a military tank, so they can cut through even challenging materials quickly. Even better, they are incredibly efficient, lightweight machines that reduce operator fatigue and minimize injury.

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ROLL floor scrapers are designed for one-man operation, so even if you’re on your own at the job site, you can get the job done right. Learn how these floor scrapers can transform a slow task into fast work or get a quote on equipment by speaking to a member of our team today at 815-472-9744.