Grinding, shot blasting, and other concrete surface preparation methods all kick up dust and particles that don’t just settle in every surface, crack, and crevice, making clean-up exhausting, they’re dangerous, too. Silicosis and other respiratory issues are a serious concern when working in surface preparation, which is why you need a reliable, powerful vacuum to effectively remove it. Whether you’re cleaning up slurry or you need a dust extractor, we’re sharing how to choose the right vacuum for concrete cleanup.

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Consider Your Surface Preparation Projects

The kind of vacuum you buy needs to work for your needs, so before you start looking at specs or prices, you need to know what you’re looking for.

  • Will you be working in remote locations or have limited access to power?
  • Do you dry grind and need a dust extractor or something that can clean up slurry?
  • Will you need something that offers HEPA filtration?

Understanding Vacuum Power

You’ll also need to factor in your power needs. Basically, the more power you need, the more power you need to provide. Dry grinding large areas that create large quantities of dust mean you may need more than a 110 volt vacuum can provide, and you may want to look at 220 volt options or even propane or gas.

In addition to voltage, you’ll want to look at how much air is moving through the vacuum. The more air flow, the more power, and it’s measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. If you wet grind concrete and need something that can remove slurry, you’ll want to consider water lift, which is also called static pressure. Think of a tube being placed in water and a vacuum placed at the top – how many inches high will the vacuum pull the water up into the tube? If you’re purchasing a wet/dry vacuum, you’ll want a balanced water lift and CFM.

Choosing an Industrial Vacuum

You may be thinking of saving money by using a shop vac from the local home improvement store. While these are fine for home projects, they aren’t designed for industrial use and the clean up needed for concrete projects.

Consider these factors for why you need to focus on the best option for your company, not the cheapest:

  • Safety – Concrete dust is toxic to breathe in and not providing proper cleaning and dust removal is an OSHA violation.
  • Extend the length of your equipment – Concrete dust can get into the mechanics of your equipment and wear on them over time, reducing their longevity.
  • Extend the live of diamond tooling – Thick concrete dust or concrete slurry can close your diamonds or cause them to wear down more quickly as it tries to grind through excess layers of dust and debris.
  • Minimize the work – When you have a powerful vacuum that effectively cleans up in less time, you’re minimizing the work you need to do between steps and you’re able to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Order a Concrete Vacuum Today

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