If you are pouring a concrete slab for a customer or refinishing concrete, the client may say they want polished concrete. However, burnishing may be the right option to finish the slab, depending on the needs of the customer. So, what are the factors that determine when you burnish a concrete floor rather than polishing it? Let’s look at the factors.

The Process of Polishing Concrete vs Burnishing

Most “laypeople” confuse burnishing concrete and polishing concrete because the end results look almost identical when done properly, even though they’re totally different methods. Polishing concrete is a much more intensive task, relying on grinding the slab smooth using gradually finer diamond impregnated pads, adding densifier to increase the density of the concrete, and polishing it using ultra-fine grit pads until you achieve a flawlessly smooth finish with a custom shine.

Burnishing doesn’t actually change the concrete at all. Instead of manually grinding away stains, bumps, and dips and processing the concrete to bring out the shine, a wax-based additive is applied to the slab. The burnisher pads rotate at up to 2500 RPMs, so as it goes over the chemical, it heats it so it seeps into the pores of the surface and smooths over the slab while buffing it to a low sheen. Instead of using a wax-based chemical, you can also use a densifier that can make the floor more durable, but it’s not as forgiving of mistakes.

When Should You Choose Burnishing Concrete?

So, looking at the two methods, the best way to determine when you should choose burnishing over polishing depends on the client’s budget and deadline. Burnishing is significantly faster and less labor intensive than polishing concrete, so if the client has a short deadline or a lower budget, they may find this to be a better option than an intensive polishing project that will get fairly similar results, especially when followed by a high-quality concrete sealer.

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