While burnishing concrete isn’t as labor intensive as traditionally polishing concrete, you still want to ensure the smooth surface and sheen are long lasting and the slab is resistant to wear, staining, and damage. So, does this mean burnished concrete needs a sealer or is the wax-based application enough. We’re taking a closer look to help you get the best results.

How to Burnish Concrete

The process of burnishing concrete is often confused with polishing concrete. To polish concrete requires several pass-overs with a floor grinder starting with a rough grit pad and gradually using a finer pad over subsequent pass-overs to manually smooth peaks and valleys, remove stains and cracks, and bring out an attractive shine. A sealer is applied at the end to prevent grease stains and stop water from getting into any crevices, and to ensure a long-lasting shine.

Burnishing involves laying a wax-based chemical on the slab, then using a burnishing machine that rotates a pad at high RPMs to melt the chemical into the concrete, filling pores and valleys, then the pad continually buffs the chemical to achieve a sheen. Because there is a chemical application already laid into the floor, many people don’t think it’s necessary to seal the slab after burnishing. However, this would be a mistake.

Why Burnished Concrete Needs a Sealer

Concrete is a highly porous material, and even though burnishing offers some protection, you shouldn’t stake your slab on it. Stains from water, grease, and other materials can quickly absorb into the concrete and leave an obvious mark. On top of this, a high-quality sealer makes the floor more resistant to scratches and wear from foot traffic and less likely to chip or crack due to an impact. To achieve a surface that looks good immediately, but also holds up to wear and tear and maintains its attractive look, you need to apply a high-quality concrete sealer.

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