When it comes to surface preparation, shot blasting is one of the most common methods to clean surfaces of rust, paint, and ground in dirt while getting the right profile for successfully laying a urethane, epoxy, or mastic coating. However, shot blasters create a significant amount of dust that isn’t just a mess, it’s dangerous to breathe in, which is why having the right dust collector connected to your shot blaster can lead to a safer, cleaner job site. We’re highlighting our most versatile shot blaster, IMPACTS America S210E 8-inch shot blaster paired with the Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector. To see both machines in action, check out the video below:

About the IMPACTS America S210E Shot Blaster

The IMPACTS America S210E Shot Blaster is one of our most popular shot blasters, and it’s not surprising as to why. This versatile machine has a compact design that is easy to transport, maneuver, and operate, even in small spaces, making it ideal for residential shot blasting, as well as used in small to medium-sized commercial spaces.

Its compact design doesn’t sacrifice power and performance. Like all IMPACTS America equipment, this shot blaster is durable, powerful, and designed to get optimal results. Equipped with a 3HP, 110-volt motor that draws 16 amps, this has a blasting capacity of up to 430 square feet per hour. In addition to blasting power, the S210E offers an in-line separation system for superior separation of shot and dust to ensure your abrasives are used more efficiently and your job site stays cleaner.

About the 3003AR Dust Collection System

The Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collection System is designed to work with the S210E shot blaster. With three turbines generating 1000 watts of power and multiple filtration cartridges, it picks up dust at 300 CFM, ensuring optimal removal of dust and debris. With the incorporated ElongoPac dust collection bags, you can feel confident that emptying the dust collector is safe, simple, and clean.

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