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Substrate Technology Inc. Diamond Tooling for Sale

When you are grinding or polishing concrete, the results you get will only be as good as the equipment you use. While a high quality Substrate Technology floor grinder is long-lasting, durable, and powerful, you’ll only get the exact results you want when you also use the proper diamond pads and tooling. That’s why we are proud to carry concrete tooling and accessories from Substrate Technology, Inc. This family-owned business based in Illinois has been a leading manufacturer of surface preparation equipment and tooling for over twenty years and is dedicated to improving efficiency, saving time, and getting excellent results.

Why Choose STI Diamond Systems?

Whether you are dry polishing or wet polishing concrete or working on terrazzo, stone, or marble, we carry a diamond system from Substrate Technology, Inc. that will ensure you get the finish you need. STI diamond systems are a coordinated set of metal and resin bonded diamond pads or diamond-impregnated hair pads that are numbered in order to be used in a specific sequence in order to remove any question as to how to get the results you want. By following the diamond system to the end and applying best practices to concrete polishing, you’ll have a smooth, beautifully polished concrete floor.

Tooling and Accessories

In addition to the diamond systems, we also carry individual tooling and accessories for the Prep/Master® floor grinders, including:

  • Diamond segments
  • Cash dots
  • Cash pads
  • Terrazzo polishing pads
  • Adapter plates
  • Metal and resin bond diamonds in multiple grit profiles
  • Grout pans

Contact Us to Learn More About STI Concrete Tooling for Sale

If you are looking for high-quality, durable concrete tooling, reach out to our team today. We have a wide variety of systems and individual tooling to choose from and will help you choose the best option for your next project. Reach out to us today at  815-472-9735 to get started.