Adding a colorant to your concrete floor can improve the aesthetic appeal, but in order for it to maintain its beauty, you need to put in the prep work. We’re sharing the three steps you need to take before coloring concrete in order to get beautiful, long-lasting results.

If you want to see the steps in action, be sure to check out the video below.

Grinding the Concrete

The first step is to remove any existing paint, epoxy, or adhesive so you’re starting off with a perfectly bare slab. We recommend using a floor grinder to go over the floor and restore it to its original appearance. During this step, having a dust collector will make the task safer and healthier as well as decrease the amount of cleanup necessary. Finally, run a vacuum over the surface to get any chips or dust.

Shotblasting and Cleaning the Concrete

Grinding concrete puts out a large quantity of dust – we know this probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Making sure that the slab is perfectly clean is essential to getting the finish you want, as leftover dust and debris can cause issues with bonding and mar the smooth look you’re trying to achieve.

To get the clean finish, run a shot blaster over the floor using a fine shot. This will clean the surface, as any loose dust will be kicked up and pulled into the machine. After running the shot blaster, make sure you pick up any loose shot using a magnet.

Prime and Seal the Slab

Finally, you’ll want to seal the concrete with a primer coat. Mix up the primer and, using a floor roller, apply a moderate coating of primer across the entire slab, working to avoid lines or brush strokes. Adding the primer seals the slab and blocks any water from seeping into the concrete that could lead to erosion or damage.

In the video, we used Smith’s 4 in 1 Overlay, a polymer-modified cement in which water is added to create a permanent bonding cement. Adding the primer ensures the water in the compound doesn’t leach into the slab and ruin the surface.

Get Expert Advice for Coloring Concrete

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