Having a coordinated diamond system for polished concrete and following a clear strategy for grinding and polishing the slab ensures you get long-lasting, attractive results that will hold up to traffic and stress. We are walking you through the CLC Diamond System and the steps we take with this system to achieve a near flawless finish on a concrete floor.

See the CLC Diamond System in action in the video below!

Using the CLC Diamond System

The CLC Diamond System is a set coordinated metal and resin bonded diamond tooling that consists of seven individual pieces that fit any of the eight models of Prep/Master floor grinding machines.

  • CLC #1 is a 70-grit metal bond tool that is used for dry grinding to clean and smooth the slab.
  • CLC #2 is a 70-grit metal bond tool for wet grinding only.
  • CLC #3 is a resin-bonded 100/200-grit tool used for wet grinding.
  • CLC #4 is a resin-bonded 200/400-grit tool used for wet grinding.
  • CLC #5 is a resin bonded 800-grit tool that is run dry.
  • CLC #6 is a resin-bonded 1800-grit tool that is also run dry.
  • CLC #7 is a resin-bonded 3500-grit tool to achieve the final polish.

When used in the pattern as we outline below, you can expect a durable, polished concrete with a high shine.

Achieving a Flawless Polished Concrete Floor

As you saw in the video, achieving a polished concrete floor that you can feel confident will hold up to traffic and time requires multiple steps. We first clean and smooth the floor using the CLC #1 pad, then remove excess dust in order to add a concrete densifier to improve the silica structure of the slab.

Once the densifier soaks in and creates a harder slab, we run the #2 pad with water for the second cut and clean the leftover slurry. After this step, we apply 100 percent solids epoxy along with a coating of marble flour and use grout pans with our floor grinder. This fills in any pinholes, cracks, or voids that can become a major problem if not taken care of.

We let the epoxy and flour cure, then run a 100/200-grit cycle with water over the slab to remove excess epoxy and flour as well as to smooth out the scratch pattern. After cleaning the slurry, we apply a second coat of densifier to ensure the structural integrity of the slab and run the next pad in the diamond system.

After the final cleaning of the slurry, we go over the slab with CLC #5, an 800-grit diamond to prepare for dyeing the concrete. Once the dye has been mixed, applied, and the excess has been removed, it’s time to for the last two runs with the grinder to achieve the high shine. First is the CLC #6 with an 1800-grit pad, followed by #7, both cycles are run dry.

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