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IMPACTS S210E 8-Inch Shot Blaster


  • For Blasting Projects 430 SF/hr (40 m²/hr)
  • 3HP, 110V/60Hz, 16A
  • Travel speed: manual
  • Ideal for smaller residential or business areas
  • Adjustable handle
  • Recommended dust collector: PM3003AR
  • Call an expert today: (815) 278-1308 

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IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster – 8-inch Width

For Blasting Projects 430 SF/hr (40 m²/hr)

The IMPACTS S210E 8-inch shot blaster is the first 110V blaster with the In-Line Separation system. This means better separation of abrasive and dust, as well as superior production over similarly-priced shot blast machines. If you’re concerned with completing a project as cleanly as possible, this machine may be up your alley!

The IMPACTS S210E 8-inch shot blaster is equipped with a compact design that’s ideal for residential contractors dealing with small to medium-sized surface preparation products. If you’re working on a surface preparation project that requires the profiling of surfaces in tough-to-reach areas such as around stairs, wheelchair ramps, large doors or windows, and more, this machine may be best fitting.

IMPACTS S210E 8-Inch Shot blaster Specifications and Features:

  • 3HP blasting power
  • 110V/60Hz, 16A
  • Working width: 8 inches (210mm)
  • Blasting capacity: 430 SF/hour (40 m2/Hour)
  • Dimensions: 41 x 11.6 x 40 inches (1045 x 295 x 1030 mm)
  • Travel speed: manual
  • Adjustable handle for efficient maneuverability

Integrate this IMPACTS 210E 8-inch Shot Blaster with the Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector

The recommended dust collector for the IMPACTS S210E 8-inch shot blaster is the Prep/Master 3003ARFeaturing a vastly robust filtering unit with fully automatic cleaning of filter cartridges, three turbines each generating 1.000 Watts of power, and the potential pair with both small and medium-sized surface preparation machines, the PrepMaster PM3003AR dust collector can enable this IMPACTS shot blaster to reach it’s fully operating potential.  

Along with the PM3003AR dust collector, be sure to check out our other shot blaster accessories to learn more about how our magnetic sweepers, reduction blasters, handheld magnets, blast wheels, wrench balancers, force shield liner systems, and steel shot abrasive could make life easier for you!

The S210E 8-inch Shot Blaster by Impacts Americas offers a lot of benefits in a compact design. Featuring an efficient design that reduces waste coupled with comfortable operation, this shot blaster is a great option when you need robust performance on smaller projects.

To see the S210E 8-inch Shot Blaster in action, check out the video below!

8-Inch Shot Blaster: Surface Preparation in Small Spaces

Instead of trying to use a large shot blaster in a difficult-to-reach area or spend long periods hunched over with a handheld blaster, the S210E offers an eight-inch width and an efficient design. This makes it ideal for small spaces, such as residential garages and basements along with difficult spaces, such as around stairs, wheelchair ramps, and up against walls. This also means it’s easy to transport and store from job site to storage.

Featuring a “tricycle” three-wheel design, the front wheel makes it easy to navigate and operate, offering a tight turning radius so you don’t miss spaces.

Efficient 8-Inch Shot Blasting Operation

Don’t let the efficient size fool you – it still offers the performance you expect from IMPACTS Americas. Featuring a 3HP motor, it can cover 430 square feet in an hour, allowing you to remove paint and other coatings, clean dirt, and profile surfaces with ease and speed.

What really sets this apart from other compact shot blasters is that it’s the first 110V blaster with the In-Line Separation system. Shot enters the wheel, bounces off the floor, then goes back up into the machine where it recirculates to be used over and over. Not only does this save time in cleaning up and refilling shot, it cuts down on waste.

When connected with the Prep/Master 3003AR dust collector and our wide selection of shot blaster accessories, you can maximize the shot blaster’s performance and increase your team’s productivity!

IMPACTS Shot Blaster Replacement Cables + Guide


If you require new shot blaster replacement cables, please purchase here:

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IMPACTS S210E 8-Inch Shot Blaster For Sale

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Weight 100 lbs
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