IMPACTS shot blasters are known for their high quality and durability. However, knowing how to do maintenance and change out things like cables extends the life of your equipment even longer. As part of our “How to” series, we’re walking you through how to install a shot blaster replacement cable on your IMPACTS equipment. 

Watch the video for a visual guide!


Removing the Shot Blaster Cable

Using a 7mm socket, you’ll undo the bolts on the back panel near the top of the blaster, then, with a 3mm Allen wrench and a flathead screwdriver, you’ll want to loosen the lock at the top of the panel box. This lets you pull the cable through the right side of the panel, down through the hole, and unhook it from the right side of the blaster toward the bottom. You’ll use the same Allen wrench to undo it at the bottom as you did to unlock it at the top. 

Adding a New Shot Blaster Cable

Before you attach a new cable, make sure it slides easily through the casing. Any snags or pinching in the cable will prevent you from getting full operation from your shot blaster. Open up the hopper and remove all the shot because you want to see the valve open and close

  1. Run the cable through the bottom hole of the panel box, then run it through the top hole. 
  2. Place the cable end into the hole of the locking piece on the handle and re-attach the lock. Tighten the bolt on the locking piece to hold it, and slide the cable casing up. 
  3. Thread the cable through the hoops on the side of the blaster, then down through the guide. 
  4. Place the cable end into the hole of the locking mechanism on the bottom of the shot blaster, keeping a few inches of cable coming through. 
  5. Tighten the lock securely at the bottom, then make tension adjustments at the top of the cable as needed. Make sure the valve can open at 90 degrees and the handle operates smoothly!

Remember, watch the video at the bottom before tackling this on your own to see this repair in action! Pinched cable or over-tightening can affect performance, so make sure you see how to make adjustments as needed. 

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