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Buy Manufacturers Direct was founded on the principle of elevating our industry through unbiased discussions, training, and openly sharing information. Utilizing the knowledge gleaned through decades of real-life experiences, BMD taps into the expertise of some of the most respected professionals within the concrete, surface preparation, and coatings industries.

Through training videos, blogs, and now our podcast series, we continue our commitment of providing candid industry assessments, product reviews, and general industry discussions. Coffee, Contractors, and Concrete was developed by industry patrons for the benefit of those seeking a different perspective. We hope you find these podcasts informational and a benefit to your organization.  

Meet the Surface Preparation Experts!

Josh Jones – Subject Matter Expert

BMD is proud and excited to align with subject matter expert and industry patriarch Josh Jones, one of surface preparation’s leading resource authorities for best practices, processes, and impartial product reviews.

Josh offers a unique perspective as one of the very few that grew up in the surface preparation industry. The son of the late Bill Jones, founder and well respected owner of Substrate Technologies and Surface Dimensions, Josh substituted Boy Scouts and soccer games for grinding, blasting, and polishing. Through his thirty-five years in the industry, Josh has experienced numerous process and equipment evolutions. Some good, some bad, however, Josh’s nonpartisan objectivity provides a neutral assessment of our industry.

After a decade as a leading contractor in the Chicago area, Josh transitioned into equipment design, manufacturing, and training with a focus on best practices. He’s passionate about improving our industry and lives in a state of perpetual learning. Eager to try new products, technologies, and processes, he’s always on the lookout for the next revolutionary innovation.

Three fundamental principles drive Josh: Safety, production, and quality. How can we work faster, safer and produce better results. He believes our industry is currently loaded with great equipment; however we lack formal education and training programs that teach how to properly, and profitably, operate. As a consumer and industry advocate, Josh is dedicated to improving the quality and standards that form the foundation of surface preparation. He’s earned the reputation of being an authentic and non-biased industry ambassador.

Kevin Hawthorne – Host

As with any inquisitive podcast host, Kevin knows a little about a lot and a lot about a little, which is why he’s an effective host. He approaches each topic from a novice perspective asking the questions you want answered. While some podcasts linger around a not so helpful 30,000 foot perspective, Kevin likes to address each subject from a practical mindset, digging into the minutia, seeking real life solutions to common jobsite problems.

With thirty years of experience in construction equipment and materials, Kevin is a consultant assisting manufacturers and equipment rental organizations in enhancing their industry exposure and sales by establishing e-commerce and social media marketing platforms. In addition, Kevin is the co-founder and current Managing Partner of Buy Manufacturers Direct, our industry’s leading source of quality equipment and supplies.

Nick Gawlik

Nick Gawlik is a Sales Manager at Ruwac USA Industrial Vacuum Solutions. With over 15 years of experience providing solutions to the construction industry Nick currently oversees Ruwac’s Contracting Division while also handling a sales role specializing in direct industrial sales in the Midwest Territory.

Nick focuses on providing technical service, support, and solutions for the industrial vacuum needs of the industry and Ruwac’s customers.

Based in the Chicagoland area Nick lives with his wife and two high school aged children.”

Paul Scheidmantal

Paul Scheidmantel is Smith Paint Products Director of Industrial Coatings with his primary focus on business development, new product development, market research, corporate marketing and sales. He began his career 25 years ago with experience industrial floor coatings, concrete restoration, decorative concrete, floor leveling and substrate restoration to include oil, alkalinity and moisture remediation.

Paul is a graduate of Robert Morris University near Pittsburgh, PA with a Bachelor’s of Science / Business Administration degree in Marketing / Sales Management. His career has ranged from marketing, sales, commercial contracting, training as well as consulting various high profile military, commercial and industrial projects.

Rex Davidson

After spending nearly 10 years working at Nelco MFG Corp in OKC, where he was involved in designing, building, and operating ride-on shotblast equipment, Rex Davidson decided to leave and pursue a new venture in the manufacturing of ride-on floor scrapers at Blastrac in Colorado. Following a 2-1/2 year period during which he contributed to the design and fabrication of their line of floor scrapers, he departed from Blastrac to embark on starting his own family business alongside his wife, Eva. Their focus was to provide a superior option for floor scraper consumers. While the initial designs incorporated improvements to what was available at the time, it was in later stages that the fleet truly distinguished itself from the competition. The emphasis shifted towards making the scrapers faster, easier to operate, and significantly more productive. In recent years, there has been a heightened emphasis on enhancing the serviceability of all the equipment, with a specific focus on providing easier access to the periodic maintenance that this type of equipment necessitates.

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