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Prep/Master Dust Collectors For Sale

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Prep/Master Dust Collectors for Sale

While vacuums and wet vacs can speed up the clean up process of your job site, it’s also your responsibility to protect your workers from toxic silica dust. For OSHA-approved equipment that you can depend on, consider the Prep/Master dust collector. These industrial-sized vacuums connect to your surface preparation equipment, including floor grinders, and minimize the amount of toxic dust in the air. Not only does this provide a healthier, safer jobsite, you can complete the clean up in a fraction of the time!

Prep/Master dust collectors are not only powerful and effective, they are also easy to use. Equipped with the Longopac dust disposal system, emptying the dust bin is simple, quick, and safe so you don’t have to worry about silica dust flying in the air as you try to empty the vacuum. Instead, you can just tie off the bag while it’s still in the bin and toss it away in the appropriate receptacle.

Why Choose Prep/Master?

If you have a Prep/Master floor grinder or an IMPACTS shot blaster, purchasing a Prep/Master dust collector is a sound investment in safety. Prep/Master is a part of Substrate Technology, Inc and is a trusted name in surface preparation and concrete polishing equipment. Made to be reliable, durable, and highly effective, you can feel confident that these robust machines will get the job done for years to come.

Contact Us to Learn More About Prep/Master Dust Collectors

At BMD, we offer a wide variety of standard and industrial dust collectors, including those made by Prep/Master. We also carry all the dust collector and wet-vac accessories you need to keep your work site clean and safe. If you’re not sure what type of equipment is best for your job site or surface preparation project, reach out to us at 815-472-9711 or fill out our contact form. We’re happy to help!