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U.S. Saws Dust Collectors For Sale

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US Saws Dust Collectors for Sale

If you need a versatile, powerful dust collector that provides a safe, healthy work environment, check out US Saws dust collectors. They are lightweight, making them easy to lift and transport, but they are also powerful and highly efficient. Not only does this make cleanup a snap at the end of the day because much of the dust has already been collected, it also keeps the air quality on your job site safer and healthier.

US Saws dust collectors are equipped with 99.95 percent efficient secondary HEPA filters as well as 99 percent efficient main filters. With a manual filter-clearing mechanism and a dustbin that works with the Longopac bagging system, it’s easy to empty. This way, when you go to empty it, the dust collector won’t kick up a cloud of silica dust when you dump it out, you can feel confident that this effective equipment will keep you breathing easy while you’re on the job.

Why Choose US Saws?

US Saws is dedicated to helping make your jobsite cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly. In addition to the US Saws dust collectors, they also manufacturer innovative concrete grinders and edgers that are known for “dust free” concrete cutting and grinding. Their tools and equipment are durable, reliable, and will help you get the job done right while saving time on cleanup.

Contact Us to Learn More About US Saws Dust Collectors

At BMD, we offer a wide variety of standard and industrial dust collectors, including the US Saws dust collectors. In addition to the equipment, we also carry the dust collector and wet-vac accessories you need to keep your worksite clean and safe. If you’re not sure what type of equipment is best for your job site or surface preparation project, reach out to us at 815-472-9711 or fill out our contact form. We’re happy to help!