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Airtec Scarifier Machines for Sale

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Airtec Scarifier Machines for Sale

Airtec AG is a Swiss, family-owned company who was one of the original leaders in today’s surface preparation technology, creating innovative cutter composites and designing a line of scarifiers that are made to improve your productivity and efficiency. Because of their dedication to quality and continual focus on improvement and innovation, we are proud to have Airtec Scarifier Machines for sale.

 Using an Airtec Scarifier

Scarifiers, also called milling machines, are used for the most extreme surface preparation jobs. Using heavy-duty cutting wheels made from tungsten carbide or hardened steel, they grind up the top surface or concrete or asphalt, creating a deep profile.

Unlike a floor grinder that removes the top layer of concrete or a thin epoxy coating to leave a smooth area, scarifiers can be adjusted to cut deep into the surface. This allows them to remove even the heaviest overlays and coatings, even ones made from heavy mastic or rubber, often in just one pass with the machine.

Scarifiers are also often used for the following tasks:

  • Adding grooves or texture on cement, concrete, and asphalt to leave a non-slip surface.
  • Removing paint, rubber deposits, dirt crusts, and plastic coatings from outdoor areas, like parking lots.
  • Renovating flat roofs, patios, and even ship decks and bridges
  • Leveling concrete surfaces
  • Increasing surface area to lay down a new coating or overlay
  • Milling and planing asphalt to prepare for a fresh layer.

Contact Us for Airtec Scarifier Machines for Sale

If you need a machine that can hold up to a heavy task and get it done quickly, an Airtec scarifier may be right for you. We have several different varieties, from a small option that’s ideal for residential spaces to a powerful option that is best for parking lots and vast spaces. Contact our product experts today to learn more and request a quote at  (815) 324-8071 or by filling out our contact form to get started!