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Bon Cove and Base Tools for Sale

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we know that those who work in trowel trades rely on high-quality cove and base tools to achieve smooth finishes, whether they’re plastering a wall or laying a concrete floor. To help our clients get the flawless results they need, we proudly sell Bon cove and base tools.

 Cove Tools for Sale

Cove tools make it possible to create gorgeous archways, curved ceilings, and rounded corners using drywall. However, the work must be done flawlessly to ensure the soft, smooth look is achieved. That’s why drywall professionals and others in the trowel trades use Bon cove tools. Featuring stainless steel surfaces in a variety of curves, they have solid wooden handles that are easy to grip and hold.

Base Tools for Sale

Similar to the Bon cove tools, we also carry a wide variety of base tools to help you achieve the smooth finishes on floors, walls, and steps. They have solid wood wave handles and stainless steel plates to provide you with the finish you need for your next project.

You can use our Bon base tools and cove tools for a variety of materials:

  • Plaster
  • Drywall
  • Epoxy
  • Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Masonry
  • Thinset

And we carry different sizes and shapes so you can achieve the look your client is searching for.

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Your work will only be as good as the tools you use, so it’s important to use durable, high-quality cove and base tools that will leave a smooth, even surface, elegant curves, and sharp corners, depending on your goals. For over six decades, Bon Tools have been a trusted name for those who work in concrete, drywall, and other trowel trades.

To learn more about our products and find out which tool is right for you, contact us today at (815) 472-9754 or fill out the form below!