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Bon Rollers for Sale

For over six decades, contractors and construction teams working on trowel trades have turned to Bon Tools for durable, high quality tools and accessories to use for working with liquid and semi-solid materials, including drywall, concrete, plaster, paint, and epoxy. We are a proud carrier of multiple Bon product lines, and have a wide variety of Bon rollers for sale along with specialty options and replacement frames.

We carry sturdy paint roller frames and matching heavy duty rollers with a 3/8″ nap. They easily cover smooth and semi-rough surfaces with ease, creating a smooth, even paint coating on walls and floors. They can also be used for spreading other materials, including epoxy coatings, sealants, and stains.

Specialty Rollers and Texturizers

In addition to soft nap rollers, we also carry more specialized Bon rollers. For thick mastics, anti-slip coverings, and heavy-duty floor coverings that need to be spread and leveled, we have a phenolic core roller that resists water and solvents.

Once your coating or epoxy has already been laid but before it has cured, we have both a plastic spiked roller and a steel-tine “porcupine” roller. They can both be used to eliminate any air bubbles that develop and create a smooth, even surface in your non-slip, mastic, or epoxy coating. In addition to the rollers themselves, we have replacement roller frames.

Contact Us for Bon Rollers and Roller Frames

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we specialize in surface preparation, from the heavy equipment like shot blasters and grinders to the tools that help you achieve a flawless finish for complicated substances like epoxy and mastic. To learn more about our products and get a quote for the best possible price, reach out to our product specialists today by calling us at  (815) 472-9754 or by filling out our contact form to get started!