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Bon Sprayers for Sale

Since 1958, Bon has been a leading manufacturer of construction tools and accessories, specifically focusing on trowel trades, like pouring concrete or working with masonry, drywall, or plaster. Construction companies and contractors rely on over 6,000 Bon tools and products to get the job done right.

For surface preparation tasks, having a high quality sprayer is essential to saving time and getting the result you need. We are proud to carry Bon sprayers for sale because they are durable, high-quality options that are ideal for multiple uses.

Bon Sprayers for Acid Stain

If you are working with concrete and want to elevate your surface with an attractive, long lasting color, acid stains are an excellent option. However, acid stains are a corrosive mix that involves hydrochloric acid to react with the calcium hydroxide in concrete and allows the stain to penetrate the surface.

When using an acid stain, you want a sprayer that you can trust to evenly coat the surface to create a natural appearance. More importantly, you want to make sure it’s durable and safe to use to help you prevent dangerous spills. The Bon 34-249 Hudson Acid Stain Sprayer is a two-gallon sprayer that includes a stable tank with a large funnel top and a large handle to help prevent spills. There’s also a locking pressure valve release with an in-line filter and two professional nozzles.

Bon Multi-purpose Sprayers

For cleaning products, solvents, and other chemicals and sprays, the Bon multi-purpose sprayers are excellent options. We carry both a half-gallon capacity and a 54-ounce capacity, and both offer a fully adjustable nozzle and durable plastic design.

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