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Contec Floor Mops for Sale

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Contec Floor Mops for Sale

When it comes to surface preparation equipment, much of the attention is paid to the heavy equipments like floor grinders and scarifiers while the basic cleaning tools are overlooked. However, pieces like floor mops are important to removing dirt and debris from your surfaces before running a floor burnisher, and they are also used for evenly spreading chemicals and sealants. A department store mop simply is not made to tackle these big jobs, which is why we have Contec floor mops for sale.

Contec is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, most widely known for manufacturing cleaning supplies used in health care, cleanrooms, and industrial settings. Because they cater specifically to industrial and commercial needs, they can create more innovative products to meet their customers’ needs.

Using Contec Floor Mops

Contec floor mops are used in surface preparation because they offer the following features:

  • Anondized aluminum frame construction so they are both lightweight and durable
  • Telescoping handle so you can set the ideal height
  • Flexible, pivoting mop head that ensures easy cleaning, even in hard to reach areas
  • Available in multiple widths to best meet your cleaning needs
  • Can be used dry to pick up dust, dirt, and debris, or wet to clean an area or spread chemicals like sealants or cleaning solution on a space.

We also carry disposable microfiber mop pads from Contec that are compatible with the Contec floor mops for sale so you can purchase the ideal cleaning equipment.

Contec Floor Mops for Sale

Having the right tools on hand can make cleaning up and doing surface preparation a quick, more efficient process. To learn more about the brands we carry, find out what options are right for you, and get the best price, contact our team of product experts at  (815)472-7944 or fill out our contact form!