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Impacts Americas Magnetic Sweepers for Sale

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Impact Americas Magnetic Sweepers for Sale

Shot blasting is one of the most effective forms of surface preparation, capable of stripping old paint, epoxy coatings, rust, and so many other substances from concrete and metal surfaces. It’s also used for creating a rough, non-slip profile on concrete and ensuring a clean, fresh surface that’s ready to have paint or coating applied.

It does this by using high-powered centrifugal force to blast the surface with small metal balls, called “shot.” While this method is certainly effective, the clean up is difficult as it leaves the shot that can’t be recycled all over your surface. Cleaning it up with a broom and trying to chase down all the pieces is inefficient and frustrating, which is why we have IMPACT Americas Magnetic Sweepers for Sale

About IMPACTS Americas Magnetic Sweeper

The magnetic sweeper has a 25-inch width and 8-inch steel hub and ball bearing wheels. This allows you to cover a large area quickly while easily pushing and steering the sweeper. With its double layer of permanently charged magnets, small metal debris is lifted and deposited. Then, when you’ve cleaned the space, you simply drop all the debris in your trash or recycling receptacle by pulling the release handle.

IMPACTS Americas is known for their dedication to innovations and manufacturing equipment that is designed to save time and improve efficiency while ensuring quality work. This magnetic sweeper is an excellent example of that dedication and why they have a global reputation for excellence.

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If you want to make quick work of cleaning up after shot blasting an area, order an IMPACTS Americas Magnetic Sweeper. Contact our product experts today by calling  815-472-9754 to learn more and get a quote!