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IMPACTS Americas Shot Blaster Parts

IMPACTS Americas is a leading manufacturer of surface preparation equipment and has a global reputation for excellence specifically when it comes to their shot blasters. The engineering team is known for their focus on improving efficiency and durability while making the equipment more precise and easier to use.

As part of their dedication to shot blasting technology, IMPACTS Americas also manufacturers reliable shot blaster parts and accessories to help you improve your results and avoid delays that slow you down and cost you money.

Our Shot Blaster Parts Selection

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we’re proud to carry the high quality shot blasters and shot blaster parts from IMPACTS Americas. We know the importance of quality and reliability in surface preparation, and our customers trust this brand to help them get the job done right.

We currently carry the following selection of shot blaster parts and accessories for sale:

  • Durable, manganese wheel kits that are compatible with multiple types of shot blasters.
  • Replacement cables so you can quickly and easily repair worn cables that affect how the shot is released.
  • Magnetic sweepers that help you avoid the time consuming task of sweeping with a broom while also helping you keep your work zone safe by keeping it free of slip hazards.
  • Steel shot abrasive available in multiple grit sizes, allowing you to customize your surface profile and preferred finish.
  • Force Shield Liner to protect the inner walls of the housing
  • Reduction liners so you can control the exact width of your shot (perfect for removing parking lot line striping and other tasks)

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