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Inland Chemicals for Sale

When it comes to grinding and polishing concrete, the grinding sequence you use and the tooling you rely on are essential to getting good results. However, if you want a pristine, smooth slab with a glossy appearance, the concrete itself needs to be hard, dense, and durable. Because you’re often tasked with tackling concrete that’s soft or damaged, we carry the Inland chemicals you need to improve the outcome of your next project.

Inland Diamond Cutting Compound

Cutting agents are applied to the substrate in order to improve the effectiveness of your grinding, honing, and polishing. It strengthens the concrete at the surface, improving abrasion resistance, while penetrating the slab to make it easier to grind and polish away existing scratches and damage. By using Inland “That Stuff” cutting compound with your grinding sequence and high quality diamonds, you can save time without sacrificing the flawless results you want.

Inland Densifier

A densifier is designed to be used after grinding and often before polishing to improve the durability of the concrete. It seeps into the concrete and creates a chemical reaction in which calcium silicate hydrate is formed. This fuses the inert compounds and sand in the substrate into a crystalline bond. This fills in pores and increases the surface area making the slab more dense and hard. Using a densifier offers the following benefits:

  • Minimal pitting
  • Improved water resistance
  • Increased protection against stains
  • Increases hardness and density
  • Reduces porosity
  • Improves slip resistance
  • Minimizes scratches and wear from foot traffic.
  • Reduces dusting

Discover Inland Chemicals for Sale

When you want a gorgeous concrete slab with a flawless finish and long lasting durability, grinding alone won’t get the job done. Shop our selection of Inland chemicals, including cutting agents and densifiers and see the difference it makes in your next project.  To receive your best price on any equipment listed here, please contact a BMD representative at 815-472-9711.