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Inland Cup Wheels & Edge Pads

For precise grinding and polishing, check out our selection of Inland cup wheels and edge pads. Known for their high-quality tooling, Inland Diamonds is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diamond tooling, densifier, and cutting agents to ensure you get the best results for your concrete project, whether you’re grinding away old coatings or preparing a mirror-shine polish.

Cup Wheels for Precision Grinding

Cup wheels are metal bonded diamond tooling that are shaped into a cup with a textured or shaped side that’s embedded with diamonds. These are typically used for coarse grinding to remove epoxy and coatings from the surface of a slab, though the finer grit cup wheels can be used to remove paint, urethane, and adhesive without digging into the surface.

Just like grinding pads, cup wheels are available with a hard metal bond for grinding softer slabs and a soft bond that keep your diamonds open and exposed against a hard slab.

Cup wheels can be used on the following surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo

Edge Pads for Handheld Grinders

Edge pads from Inland Diamond are used for handheld grinders to get a precise finish in difficult to reach areas or with handheld grinders. These also allow you to get a smooth, honed finish to concrete and granite counter tops and surfaces beyond the standard concrete slab.

Shop Our Selection of Inland Cup Wheels and Edge Pads

We believe in carrying products from trusted manufacturers to help you get the best results in surface preparation while getting an incredible value. That’s why we partner with Inland Diamonds to carry their wide array of diamond tooling, densifiers, and cutting agents. For the best price or to learn what options are best for you, contact a member of our team today at 815-472-9711.