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Inland Surface Preparation & Metal Bond Tooling

Inland Diamonds is a leading supplier of superabrasive and diamond impregnated products. Not only are they well known in surface preparation, they are also a trusted source for optical, stone, and glass cutting supplies. That’s why, when you need heavy-duty surface preparation tooling and metal bond tooling for aggressive grinding, we recommend Inland surface preparation tooling.

How Does Metal Bond Diamond Tooling Work?

Diamond grinding and polishing pads work like this: the fine diamonds are set in a metal matrix. As you grind away the concrete, the concrete dust wears away the metal, exposing more diamonds to continue cutting and grinding the slab. When you’re grinding a hard slab, you’ll need a soft bond that will wear away more easily against the fine concrete dust. For a soft slab, wearing away the metal too quickly results in too much diamond cutting, which can actually damage the slab.

Why Choose Inland Metal Bond Tooling

When you need to tear through thick epoxy or mastic floor coatings, or you’re tasked with polishing a damaged, worn, or cracked slab, you need powerful, durable tooling that can take on the task. Whether you need hard bond tools that will hold up to soft or water-damaged concrete or soft bond metal that will wear away easily against a hard slab and continually expose new, open diamonds, Inland carries a wide variety of options starting at coarse 30-grit to help you get fantastic results on your surface preparation projects.

Surface preparation tooling and metal bond tooling is used for the following projects:

  • Removing thick floor coatings
  • Achieving a concrete surface profile of 1-2
  • Creating a heavy scratch pattern to ensure a coating bonds
  • Preparing a slab for polishing
  • Smoothing out a rough profile, cracks, and pits.

Shop Our Selection of Surface Preparation Tooling from Inland

We carry a wide selection of diamond tooling from Inland, including metal bond and surface preparation tooling. Not sure what kind you need for your next project or want to get the best price? Reach out to us today at 815-472-9711.