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Inland Transitional & Polish Pads for Sale

Getting the right finish on your concrete slab requires two things: the right grinding sequence and the right tooling and grinding accessories. The right tooling comes from Inland Diamonds, a trusted name in tooling known for their durability and capability to take on tough jobs. With Inland transitional and polish pads, you’ll have no problem getting the smooth finish and glass-like shine on surfaces including:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine

Transitional Pads from Inland

Transitional pads, or transitional polishing pads are designed to start the grinding process and getting the smooth finish you need or are used as the bridge between grinding away major problem areas and getting the shine on your slab. These pads are used for “aggressive polishing” when you need to clean up rough patches and scratches and are available in a range of grits, often starting at 30 and going in gradually softer grit up to 200 or 400.

Inland Polishing Pads

Once you’ve got a smooth, blemish-free concrete surface, you’ll need polishing pads from Inland to get the level of sheen you need. These diamond pads are available in a resin or metal bond or, for finer polishing, a diamond-impregnated natural hair and have a lighter diamond formulation than transitional pads. Polishing pads range in grit from 400 for a smooth, soft sheen up to 3000, for a high-gloss, mirror-like shine. Plus, “buff” grits are available for maintaining a polish.

Contact Us for Inland Transitional & Polishing Pads

From coarse-grit grinding to ultra-fine polishing, we have a wide variety of diamond tooling from Inland Diamond to help you get the job done right, plus we carry densifiers and cutting agents to improve quality. To receive your best price on any equipment listed here, please contact a BMD representative at 815-472-9711.