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Removing ceramic, stone, or porcelain tile from a wooden subfloor or concrete slab is often an exhausting, time-consuming process. However, Makinex makes it easy with their Tile Smasher Jackhammer Attachment and Trolley so you can save time, reduce worker fatigue, and still get the professional results you’re looking for.

About Makinex

Founded in Australia in 2004, Makinex Construction Products have quickly reached global recognition. This company was founded with the goal of “Making Inefficiencies Extinct” during construction and maintenance tasks, and this mission influences every product they design, develop, and manufacture. Makinex strives to innovate its products in a way that makes work faster, safer, and better so companies can improve productivity, reduce accidents, and get excellent results. Recognized by World of Concrete, Pro-Tool Innovation, Safe Work Australia, and Rental Equipment Register, Makinex is an award-winning company with a wide line of products that we are proud to carry.

Choosing Makinex Jackhammers

We currently carry the Makinex Tile Smasher Jackhammer Attachment as well as the Jackhammer Trolley.

The Tile Smasher has a tile smasher head with a 6-inch wide, high-tensile steel blade designed to integrate with 35-pound electric breakers. The smasher and blade work together to lift and remove all types of tile as well as remove vinyl and cork flooring quickly and safely without damaging the wooden subfloor or concrete slab. It also cleans up leftover residue, adhesive, and thinset left behind on the tile bed.

Using a jackhammer often results in fatigue, strain, and injury due to its heavy form and excessive vibrations. The Jackhammer Trolley reduces worker fatigue and minimizes the risk of injury when using a jackhammer. The trolley bears much of the weight as well as the vibration impact of the jackhammer while you or your worker pushes the trolley from behind. Almost any experienced worker can use the trolley as it is customizable and adjustable between 20 to 80 degrees to suit both the worker’s comfort level and the task at hand.

Order Your Makinex Jackhammer Today

If you’re ready to make tile and floor removal easier and safer, we can help. To order your Makinex construction equipment, call us today at  (815) 324-8071 or fill out our contact form.