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The Hurricane is an agile yet powerful floor scraper, equipped with a 25HP Kohler propane-powered motor. We take pride in carrying this as well as a wide assortment of accessories and maintenance tools to help you keep your OEM Hurricane in optimal condition and get the performance you need.

About OEM Floor Scrapers

OEM is based in Oklahoma where they design, build, and maintain high-quality floor scrapers and replacement blades. With over 25 years in business, they are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support in conjunction with producing floor scrapers that hold up to a wide variety of tasks.

The OEM Hurricane

The Hurricane floor scraper is a quick, agile floor scraper that easily cuts through the toughest carpet, tile, and wood flooring. Its user-friendly steering allows lets you maneuver quickly, even in tight spaces like hallways and elevators, though it’s strong enough to work quickly through large spaces such as gymnasiums and commercial buildings.

Easy to use, the Hurricane is equipped with a single joystick for speed and steering as well as a triple-blade action so you can customize your settings to get the best results without having to remove and adjust the blade regularly. While this is a propane-powered floor scraper, this model is equipped with an exhaust purifier to reduce emissions and keep your work environment safe.

We carry everything you need for the Hurricane, including:

  • Extra blades
  • Casters and wheels
  • Tires
  • Belt sets
  • Hydraulic filter elements
  • Extra lug bolts
  • Air filters

Purchase Your OEM Hurricane Scraper and Accessories Today

Whether you need to purchase an extra blade or belt or need a full inventory of equipment, including a floor scraper, extra blades, and maintenance tools, we have what you need.  Get a free quote and learn more about OEM products by giving us a call at   (815) 472-9711 or by filling out our contact form to get started!