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Lightning Ride-On Floor Scraper by OEM

When you need an economical, compact floor scraper that can tackle large jobs easily and quickly, you need the Lightning by OEM. In addition to the floor scraper, we also carry all the accessories and replacement parts you’ll need to update and upgrade your equipment to keep it in optimal working condition.

About OEM Floor Scrapers

Based in Oklahoma, OEM has spent over 25 years designing and manufacturing powerful, durable floor scrapers. Their primary focus is on user experience, striving to provide a comfortable experience that limits operator fatigue while getting a strong performance from the equipment.

The OEM Lightning

The OEM Lightning is the lightest of the OEM scrapers, weighing just around 2100 pounds. However, its compact, efficient design features the patented twisting blade bar design so that even when you’re moving over bumpy, uneven terrain, the bar flexes and moves in order to keep the blade flat to the floor, continually lifting and removing floor covering.

This emission-free, ride-on floor scraper is ideal for all types of floor coverings, including:

  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Thick coatings
  • Carpet
  • VCT
  • Ceramic tile
  • Hardwood flooring and parquet flooring

We carry everything you need for the Lightning, including:

  • Extra blades
  • Casters and wheels
  • Non-marking tires
  • Hydraulic filter elements
  • Extra lug bolts
  • Blade bars
  • Belts
  • Extra keys
  • Air filters

Purchase Your OEM Lightning Scraper and Accessories Today

Whether you need to purchase an extra blade or need a full inventory, including a floor scraper, extra blades, and maintenance tools, we have what you need.  Get a free quote and learn more about OEM products by giving us a call at   (815) 472-9711 or by filling out our contact form to get started!